True or false: Quick-charging apps really work to speed up the process

It’s happened again. Your phone battery drained when you needed it the most. Perhaps you were chatting instantly with coworkers or doing video interviews. Maybe you’re sending memes to your significant other or catching Pokémon. Whatever the case, your phone is now a useless brick until you can get it back again.

Did you forget to plug in your iPhone, or did you not give it enough time to charge? Newer iPhone models are compatible with fast chargers, and the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max also include an 18W fast charger in the box. While iPhone 12 models don’t come with a wall adapter, you can get a fast charger from Apple or a third party. Tap or click here to see some options.

Some apps are claiming that they can even help you charge your phone faster. Is there truth behind this? The answer is a bit complicated. We will look into it and give you the verdict.

sneaky claims
Search the Google Play Store for fast charging and you’ll find a huge selection of apps, along with some graphic illustrations of a juiced-up battery. These apps say that they can increase your charging speed and slow down your phone’s battery drain.

There is some truth to these claims, but you need to take a closer look. They don’t really speed up your charging process. What they do is disable features and functions on your phone that drain your battery.

This includes Wi-Fi, screen brightness, Bluetooth, background apps, screen rotation, and more. They can also disable network connections or roll back your connection to 3G or 2G.

Disabling battery draining functions may result in a limited increase in charging speed. And once you turn off the charger, your battery will slow down. But you’ll need to turn many of these functions back on, such as Wi-Fi and cellular connections.

The thing is, if you need a quick charge, you can close background apps and turn off mobile data and GPS yourself. You can also use Airplane Mode or turn off your phone. You don’t need an app to do any of this, especially one you’ll have to pay for.

Battery health is important, but when it comes to your technology there’s only one thing you need to keep an eye on and maintain. Tap or click here for a checkup list to improve the performance of your gadgets and make them last longer.

get gear
The easiest way to speed up the charging process is to get a modern phone and a charging cable/adapter designed to handle it.

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