This new iPhone feature alerts your contacts when you aren’t

Big Tech developers release regular updates to their software that introduce new features, boost security, and more. These incremental updates are replaced by major releases that sometimes overhaul the entire system. Like it or not, promotions keep current users interested while attracting new ones.

Apple updates its iOS operating system and macOS annually. The latter dates to its 12th incarnation and has been dubbed Monterey. The latest macOS brings updates to FaceTime, Safari, and other familiar apps, while bolstering security and offering new ways to browse your photos and the Internet. Tap or click here to learn more about Monterey and how you can try it now.

The Cupertino company also announced iOS 15, and while there are tons of new features to come, we’ll be focusing (no pun intended) on the new Focus tool. Read on for more details and find out how you can test a beta version of Apple’s latest iOS.

Your iPhone will always be a distraction. Whether it’s incoming texts and emails or countless notifications, your device makes it a point to post you everything it can. While you may fiddle with notification settings, iOS 15 makes it easier to control and customize notifications for different situations with the new Focus feature.

Let’s say you are at work. You can create a custom focus that hides your text and social media applications. You may also have a status that informs people trying to contact you that you are not available. Remember the message away?

Telling people you’re not available to reply to messages is easy. When Focus is set to block incoming notifications, your status is automatically displayed to others in messages, indicating that you are currently unreachable. this much only. Now you don’t have to worry about offending anyone for not responding immediately.

Suggested Focus lets you choose which people and apps are allowed to notify you. These suggestions are based on your work or sleeping hours. The focus you create is applied to all of your Apple devices. Tap or click here to see other changes coming with iOS 15.

avoid temptation
If you’re tempted to check notifications, a customizable home screen will show you only the relevant apps for a particular focus. So you can see notifications from mom when you’re getting ready for bed, but save the meme-focused group chat text with your friends for the morning. Tap or click here to see why it’s not a good idea to sleep near your phone.

Your custom home screen also includes the apps and widgets you might need for that situation. Add your podcasts and meditation apps to your bedtime focus.

me time

You don’t have to have a set time or environment to use Focus. Why not make one for general use?

Create a personal time focus that only lets certain people and apps bother you. Shut off social media and endless messages and just let some of the information in. Turn on Focus Status so people know you’re busy. They may choose to reach out to you anyway if it is urgent.

Focus Positions works with your apps and third-party messaging systems. Think of it as an advanced Do Not Disturb mode.

Notifications overhaul
The notifications themselves have been replaced with larger icons for contact photos and apps. This makes it easy to see who or what is bothering you at any given time.

Notifications can be organized based on how you use each app, with the most important ones being moved to the top. You can mute any message thread or app for a set amount of time. It all works in conjunction with Focus to reduce distractions.

Ready to take iOS 15 out for a spin?
The new iOS 15 will be available for the iPhone 6s and later models this fall, but you can try out the features now. Apple’s beta software program gives you access to pre-release versions of iOS, iPadOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS. Your feedback can play a vital role in the creation of the final product.

Before signing up, be aware of a few things. Beta software can be very buggy and cause issues for your device. Apple itself says that you should back up your device before installing any beta software. Use equipment that is not important to your work or other important parts of your life.

Support for CarPlay won’t be available with the beta version, so keep that in mind.

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