Indigo introduces new electric vehicles for carpooling and delivery

Indigo Technologies showcased two new electric vehicle designs targeting the ride-sharing and delivery markets at the recent Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. The company describes itself as an OEM that offers a new range of electric vehicles that are smooth, spacious and affordable. The two new vehicle models are Indigo Flow and Flow Plus.

The company notes that its revolutionary robotic wheels enable a different type of electric vehicle that offers smoother ride and operation at a lower cost than any other vehicle in its class. The new model aims to compete with the Toyota RAV4 and Ford Transit Connect, and both will offer a range of over 250 miles from just 40kWh batteries.

Ride-sharing and delivery companies like Uber and Amazon joining The Climate Pledge are creating a need for efficient and capable electric vehicles that drivers can buy, the company noted; Emphasizing that this is a must. IndiGo said today’s electric vehicles are too inefficient, heavy and expensive for drivers, especially when they sacrifice space and comfort for traditional propulsion and suspension technologies.

IndiGo CEO Will Grellin explains how the company’s robotic wheels solve this problem.

“Indigo invented the robotic wheels that provide more space and comfort typical for small urban electric vehicles. Without a transmission and motor between the wheels, the Indigo Flow has a low, flat floor that is suitable for any size of its size.” Offers more load capacity than the vehicle, and active suspension at each wheel provides incredible ride comfort at an affordable cost that people will love.

IndiGo also announced that Volker Kaase, former Product Management Director of Audi Innovations, has joined IndiGo as Chief Technology Officer. Kaese led the development of the Volkswagen XL1, which got 310 miles per gallon, and the Audi e-tron. He has over 20 years of experience in IndiGo programs.

Cass shared his enthusiasm in the following statement.

“I am excited to make the biggest impact on the driver experience and the environment. From the bulky interior to the sliding doors, Indigo Flow will enable drivers to be more efficient at their jobs. Ultimately, they earn more while doing good for our planet. will be able to.”

With Cass, Eric Obers, former head of design at Porsche and Lucid; as well as Hugh Robinson, who previously worked at Porsche and General Motors; Flow will lead the design of the product line.

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