How to charge your iPhone much more quickly

You are in the middle of a conversation, and suddenly, your phone dies! While you can charge your phone, you may have to cancel if you plan on going somewhere. Fully charging your phone isn’t always a quick feat. Tap or click for a list of apps that can drain your phone’s battery.

But what if you could charge your phone quickly? Well, thankfully, Apple has a few options to help you make your phone look better in record time.

If you are in a hurry and need your phone, there is a solution. Here’s how to charge your iPhone more quickly.

new iphone models
The older iPhones didn’t help at all in the fast-charging department. But when the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max were released in 2019, an 18W fast charger was included in the box.

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Up until this point, iPhones used to come with a much slower wall adapter with a 5W charging cable. Sadly, Apple stopped providing wall adapters when you bought the new iPhone last year. But you can still get fast chargers on your own.

using a fast charger
What really matters is the charger you use, and using a true fast charger can juice up your phone up to 50% faster than other cables and wall outlets. Saves a lot of time while charging your phone.

The thing is, not every iPhone is compatible with a fast charger. The following phones can be used with the fast charging cable:

What do I need to fast charge?
If you want to charge your phone fast, you’ll need more than what’s in the box. You will need at least two hardware with the correct specifications:

When it comes to your power adapter you ideally want 20W. In fact, Apple says you need a 20W or higher power adapter to fast charge your iPhone 12. We recommend the Apple 20W USB-C Power Adapter.

When it comes to cord, you want a high quality Apple product that can handle the power of a 20W adapter. For that, you’ll need a power to USB-C cable. We recommend Apple’s Lightning to USB-C cable.

Looking to save money? You have to be careful with off-brand chargers. You can never be sure of the quality and if it will work as you wish. But if you’re looking to save, we recommend Anker’s Nano charger and USB-C to Lightning cable.

One thing to keep in mind when buying third-party chargers is that they must be certified. That way, you know it’s a quality item and won’t be a fire hazard.

Keeping our phones charged and healthy is important in the digital world in which we are forced to interact. Curious about other phone accessories that can make your life easier? Tap or click here for the best accessories for your new gadget.

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