8 smart ways to use Bluetooth trackers like the AirTag and Tile

You’ve probably heard all the buzz about Bluetooth trackers, from Apple Airtags to Tile trackers. Tap or click here to learn the difference between these two beloved gadgets. Whichever you choose, you’re buying a popular piece of lost and found software that could save your stash in times of crisis.

Take Dan Guido, CEO of Cybersecurity, for example. On August 2, someone stole his electric scooter, not knowing that two airtags were hidden inside. “I was able to use Apple Find My Network and UWB direction search to recover the scooter today,” he said in a tweet.

Bluetooth trackers are most famous for helping people track down their lost or stolen items. But there are some additional uses that you might not be aware of. Here are some insider secrets that can help you get the most out of your AirTag or Tile trackers. We’ll start with the basics.

1. Ever lost your wallet? Attach a Tracker for Peace of Mind

You come home after a long, stressful day. Puffing your pockets, you look for your wallet so you can put it away. The cold sweat kicks in when you realize it’s gone.

Someone can also use your wallet information to steal your identity. Tap or click here to learn how a stranger can steal your government benefits with just your name and a few bucks. Worse yet, someone may commit a crime in your name that could tarnish your record for decades.

On the bright side, a 2019 study showed that people are more altruistic than we think. Many of them are likely to return your lost wallet, not out of kindness, but out of a desire to feel like a good person. Still, who wants to leave their digital security to the whims of strangers?

To keep your wallet safe, put the Bluetooth tracker in one of the pockets. They’re slim, slim, and lightweight, so they didn’t add any bulk or weight. Plus, it will give you some much-needed peace of mind when disaster strikes!

2. You can also associate one with your keys
After your wallet, your keychain is the second most dreaded personal item to lose. After all, you can’t even go home without it. You probably got your parking card there. Or maybe you can’t get to your workplace without an access card on your keychain.

From AirTag and Tile to SmartTag or Chipolo, there are a ton of major explorers on the market. Just buy one, attach it to a smartphone app and you can track down your lost keychain from anywhere. The only problem is finding the right one!

First, the Tile Pro has a loud alarm and a range of 400 feet. When you’re walking around your house, opening drawers and lifting curtains, loud noises will narrow your search. That means you can get out the door as quickly as possible.

Plus, you don’t even need to buy Tile Premium for it to work well. Even better, the Tile Pro, Chipolo, and SmartTag all come with built-in holes. This allows for easy attachment to your keychain.

Wise shoppers may be especially attracted to SmartTag. That’s because it can connect to other smart devices so you can automate your routine. You’ll need Samsung’s SmartThings app to access its smart home features, but it’s as easy as pressing a button.

Unlike other item trackers, Apple’s AirTag has no opening that you can use to attach it directly to the Keychain. It’s intentional: Apple wants you to spend extra money on accessories like colorful leather key rings. Refusing to dry milk, an iFixIt writer pokes a hole in an AirTag and even shows you how to do it.

However, many customers really love the fact that it doesn’t come with built-in holes. She loves the creativity of choosing an accessory that matches her aesthetic. Customers also love the way it works—Apple’s 4-pack of Airtags ranks No. 3 on Amazon’s new releases on the electronics list.

There is another reason why customers love airtags. Earlier, we mentioned that Tile trackers have a range of 400 feet. Apple AirTags don’t have the same range as they work on Apple’s Find My Network.

This means that as long as your tracker is within Bluetooth range of any iPhone or Apple device, you can track your item. cool huh? Tap or click here for the full Komando scoop on Airtags.

3. Luggage
The holidays are all about relaxing, but losing luggage can torpedo any zen state you hope to achieve. Fortunately, GPS trackers can help you find your lost items. So when you’re carrying your luggage around the airport or hotel, pocket the Bluetooth tracker for extra peace of mind.

Then again, it might be better to expose the tracker rather than hide it inside the bag. You don’t want anything to block the signal.

You can keep it in the outer pocket or zip it with a small key ring.

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