7 clever new uses for your smart doorbell camera

Smart doorbell cameras add a ton of value to your life. Not only do they make you feel more secure in your home, but they can also deter criminals. If you tell a thief that you are watching them, they may be too scared to try anything.

Plus, you can keep an eye on your loved ones and make sure nothing dangerous is happening at home. Whether you’re caring for an elderly family member, child or pet, a doorbell camera takes the guesswork out of caring.

Smart doorbell cameras come with many uses that you might not even be aware of. We found seven useful ways to make the most of this essential safety technology presented by our friends at SimplySafe. These are total life savers.

1. Stop Porch Pirates
We are all being delivered more directly to our homes than ever before. Sadly, this means package stealing is a more compelling option, even for thieves. With so many to choose from, they can have a field day, quickly popping up to pick up the one that’s yours.

2. See who comes and goes
Potential burglars love to walk into houses to get an idea of ​​your schedule. That way, they know when you’re gone, which is the right time for them to strike. A smart doorbell camera monitors any suspicious characters walking up to your home and peeking through the window.

Other thieves will be less obvious. They will live in their car, outside your house. Thanks to your video doorbell, you’ll see familiar faces on your live feed.

3. Answer the door from anywhere
Video doorbells have live video and two-way audio. That means you don’t have to go to your door to answer it, so you can keep an eye out for someone who swings by. Plus, it minimizes contact, which is great in a pandemic.

4. Keep an eye on your pets
Does your pet like to spend time on the porch? Keep an eye on Fido through your video doorbell’s connected app.

5. Screen Your Visitors
Whenever someone knocks, your Video Ringer sends your phone a high-definition video of their face. Now, you can open the door only to the people you’ve invited.

See an unfamiliar face? It could be a seller. In that case, you can turn down the volume of the TV to make them think you’re not at home.

6. Ditter-ho-thief
Nothing says “Stay away from my house!” Such as cameras and signs that make it clear that your property is being monitored. If a porch pirate or thief sees a camera at your front door, there’s a good chance they’ll keep walking.

7. Keep an eye on the kids
Keep track of when the babies arrive and when they leave. They might feel a little embarrassed when caught, but as they say, it’s better to be safe than sorry! If they’re at home and you’re not, you’ll be able to see anything potentially dangerous.

Our pick: The SimplySafe Video Doorbell Pro
There are tons of brands selling video doorbells, and our favorite comes from our sponsor, SimplySafe. Video Doorbell Pro is easy to set up, easy to use, and it looks great. Receive alerts straight to your phone to see what’s happening and talk to guests without ever opening the door. Everything is shot in high-quality, wide-angle video so you don’t miss anything.

Here’s what really makes the SimpliSafe doorbell stand out against the others: It has two separate sensors. One identifies the heat signature of humans and the other identifies human forms. For example, you won’t get an alert for every car you drive.

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